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Kitchener, BC

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Delcaro Media is operated by the talented brother duo Marcello and Jon Delcaro. The company was created by Marcello in 2016 when he realized there was a gap in the music industry where there wasn't a "one-stop shop" for everything you could need as an artist. Making a track meant hiring separate people for production, engineering, mixing and mastering,  graphic design for album art and a videographer for a music video. Artists he knew were giving hundreds of dollars to separate companies to make a final product. He learned quickly by watching other talented artists and creators and built this company to simplify the process. Since then, he has worked with a variety of musicians, designers, and artists while his knowledge and portfolio keep growing!


Jon joined the team after ten years in the mainstream graphics world, he got sick of the routine 9-5, wanting to create more meaningful projects and work one-on-one with his clients.


Now that the Delcaro boys have both quit their traditional jobs, got married to their beautiful wives and began their families, their ideas are as bold as ever.

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