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About Delcaro Media

The rhythmic hum of machines, the crafting of signs, and the precision of design – that's where my story begins. As a child in my father's sign manufacturing business, I discovered not just the art of design, but the art of storytelling through branding and visuals.

Fast forward to 2015, and Delcaro Media was born. What initiated as a spark, focusing on business cards and vehicle graphics, has now ignited into a robust web and media agency, championing businesses near and far. By 2017, my family's compass pointed us to Creston Valley. Here, amidst it's vibrant community spirit, my wife Blakeny, an inspiring teacher, our daughter, and I found more than a home; we discovered purpose.

Service goes beyond my work desk at Delcaro Media. At the Kitchener Improvement District, I wear the hat of Secretary, nurturing a district with seven rich decades behind it and ensuring every glass raised in our community is filled with safe water. 

In essence, I'm a designer, a storyteller, a community advocate, and a proud Creston Valley resident. Driven by design and fueled by community, every day is a new canvas to make an impact, support a neighbor, or simply craft a story worth telling.

The Delcaro Family
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